Our Approach

Proper management of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) properties and hazards is essential to managing risk, along with a thorough understanding of the design and key issues associated with onshore and offshore LNG facilities.

ioMosaic has extensive experience involving LNG terminals, send-out facilities and associated pipelines and power plants. We provide LNG project development, operations management and safety and risk management using proven modeling techniques and cutting-edge software to complete QRAs, HAZOP and hazard identification studies, safety integrity level (SIL) reviews and consequence analysis modeling.

Since the formation of an alliance with two world-class experts in LNG risk assessment, ioMosaic has provided LNG safety and risk management services for numerous facilities throughout the world.

Managing LNG Risks

Read the white paper, Managing LNG Risks: Separating Facts from Myths, ideal information for those involved in LNG project development, operations and safety and risk management. Some parts of the US media have managed to dramatize key issues surrounding LNG transportation, facility operations, and proposed new projects. Erroneous media speculation and sensationalism, especially regarding the threat of terrorism, have created an atmosphere of anti-LNG sentiment fueled by fear and paranoia.

LNG Risk Management and Safety Training

ioMosaic offers training on the unique LNG hazards and best practice risk management methodologies. This course is ideally suited to anyone working for, or associated with, the LNG industry. Contact us to request more information on this and other process safety training.

How We Can Help You

Developing optimum safety and risk management systems, guidelines and standards, and audit protocols worldwide.

Reducing costs and increasing accuracy in the design or revalidation of relief systems.

Reliable, efficient and affordable test plan development, testing and analysis.

Information management solutions and application development services that bridge the gap between compliance and technology.

Offering a comprehensive range of safety, technology and risk management training.